Sugaring Hair Removal

Is a gentle technique of hair removal which uses only pure natural ingredients (Sugar, Lemon Juice, and Water) so it won't irritate the skin.

Sugaring doesn't stick to the skin, but only to the hair. The result lasts longer because sugaring removes hair out from the roots wheres waxing can break hair and can result in painful and irritating ingrown hair. 

Sugaring also prevents damage to the hair follicle and the hair regrowth can become finer over multiple sessions. 

"The differences between Sugaring and Waxing"


  • All Natural ingredients
  • Removes hair in same direction of natural growth
  • Minimal discomfort
  • Skin feels soft, clean and comfortable


  • Waxing products contain resins which adhere to live skin cells
  • Removes hair in opposite direction of hair growth which can cause ingrown hairs
  • Very painful
  • Skin feels raw, uncomfortable and irritated